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Do your existing vending machines comply with the new ADA rules? Certified ADA compliance starting UNDER $200.

We have the ADA compliance solution for your existing vending machine. AP, AMS, CRANE, NATIONAL, USI and MORE... Coffee vending machines, Snack vending machines, soda vending machines, cold and frozen vending machines.

Our patent pending and ADA certified devices solve your ADA compliance issues without spending thousands on new machines. The costs to upgrade your machines to comply with ADA laws can also qualify for a tax credit. (consult your CPA or Tax adviser) Consider the cost of simply removing the machine from the account. Far greater than the solution. For about the cost of a new validator and field installed in 20 minutes or less. We are on your side.

If you are an account or location that needs to get ADA vending services for your local area, we can help with referrals to local vendors that can provide you with ADA compliant vending machines at no cost. Please contact us by e-mail tech@adavendsolutions.com

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